A Sample invitation letter for Canadian Visa – Invitation Letter for Cousin

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Sample Invitation Letter for Canadian Visa

Here is another sample invitation letter. Take note that an invitation letter can be casual in language as long as it contains all the relevant information. All you need to do is ask your friend
to send you an invitation letter. Send them all the information
about yourself and let them write the letter.
Most of the samples presented on this site have been used by friends and family. Please read the page on how to write an ivitiation letter to get a better understanding on what is required. Writing an Invitation Letter is just one piece of the Puzzle, your guest may need help with Visa Application or Interview.

Sample Invitation Letter to a cousin

Below is a sample invitation letter. The names on it are ficticious
but this format has been used and visas have been issued using this
format. There are other formats that can be used. The most important
thing is for the information required to be on it. If you have other
formats, please send them so that I can share with our readers.

March 27th, 2012

Hello Malik,

It was really nice seeing you the last time I came home. You have really grown into a man- no longer the little cousin I left. Well, I guess we all have changed. I am looking forward to your visit during your vacation this summer. You can include this in your application as a formal invitation to visit Kingston.

As discussed, please plan to come around July 10th 2012 so that you can stay for about 2 weeks and enjoy the nice weather we have around here. That way you will still have a week to unwind before resuming back to work. All my friends are so eager to meet you.

I will be on vacation in July and knowing your love for archeology, we plan to go to visit the Ottawa Dinosaur museum while you are here. I am sure you will love it.

We will be responsible for your accommodation, feeding and transportation around the city while you are here.

Love u lots,

Name: Malik Dube
Address:. 345 Great Lakes rd,
Passport Number: B12993000
Telephone: 278-708-390-3399
Relationship: Cousin

Name: Mr Molulu Donske
Address: 758 Division Street, Kingston, ON.
Date of Birth: June 1, 1976
Telephone: 613-450-3879
Status in Canada: Citizen
Profession: Retail Manager

Name: Mrs.
Date of Birth:
Status in Canada

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Here is another Sample Invitation Letter written to invite a friend

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