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Every year hundreds of thousands of people desire to visit Canada, study in a Canadian School, Immigrate to Canada to work or live, Attend a conference or seminar in Canada or even do some business with Canadian companies. However every year, many thousands are refused entry to Canada, not because they are not qualified, but because they did not prepare properly before going to the Canadian embassy or consulate to apply for a visa.

This website attempts to be a free information center for smart people who desire to go to Canada. Everything on this site is free and it is only an information Site. I will not help you in your immigration application nor will I help you in your search for a school. The site is called a site for smart people for a reason. You have to be able to read and apply the information you get on this site to your own particular situation. When I say smart, I do not mean educated. There are many graduates who are not smart and there are many people who never got beyond Secondary Schools who are very Smart. The bottom line is that you must be willing to do some work and gather the information you need so that your immigration to Canada or Visa application to Canada can be approved.

DIY application for Immigrant Visa to Canada?

If you are smart you would have realized that I am not an immigration officer and as such I cannot guarantee that you will be approved to immigrate to or visit Canada. I am just a regular guy who is tired of seeing many good applications refused because of simple mistakes. This site also has a forum where other people all over the world can give their advice on specific situations. Please note that any advice that is posted on this website must be followed at your own risk. That is why you must be smart enough to weigh the advice and compare with other information you have before you take action.

If you really want to travel to Canada, and you read the posts and articles on this website, you should be able to prepare a proper application and trust your God to see you through. Depending on supernatural intervention without adequate preparation is just the a waste of time.

You may not need a lawyer to help with your Immigration visa to Canada

The second motivation for creating this website is to encourage people who don’t have money to pay lawyers to prepare their applications by themselves. YOU DON’T NEED A LAWYER. You will only need a lawyer if you have a legal issue that you do not understand. When I wanted to file my immigration papers in 2000, I was asked to pay $4000 by a Canadian lawyer. I laughed because i was wondering if the guy thought that I was foolish enough to give him $4000 so that he will fill out forms for me. If you have the money and no time to read the posts on this website, it is better to go through a lawyer. But if you are smart (you can read and write and think) then you would not need a lawyer. I filled my application myself and I got accepted without any issues. On this site I will share my experience with you and other people will share their experiences. And hopefully those who have not made any mistakes will learn from our mistakes and prepare better.

I appeal to those who are reading this in Canada to please feel free to share their experiences with other people all over the world who want to enjoy what we are enjoying in Canada. Please note that life in Canada is not as rosy as it has been painted to you. This is the third reason for this site. I hope to be able to present, with the help of others who will contribute the life of an immigrant in Canada.

Let us be honest and let us tell our brothers and sisters all over the world about how life is in Canada and the little things they can do to ensure that they get into Canada to make their dreams come true.

Immigrate to Canada

Since 2001 over 200 thousand people have been accepted to Canada as
permanent residents. In 2002, I was one of those and so are so many
other hundred of thousands that would be accepted this year. An immigrant
to Canada is also known as a permanent resident of Canada. That is you
can come into Canada without a visa and you can work and live in Canada
for as long as you want. You are not a citizen of Canada but you can
have almost all the rights that citizens have except the right to vote
and restriction to some high security jobs.

If you are interested in immigrating to canada, the application process
is simple. There are a number of categories that you can apply through.
According to the Canadian  Immigration Site, you can either apply as a skilled worker, Investor, entrepreneur or self-employed person, or you can be sponsored by a family member if you have one in Canada. You may also apply as a provincial nominee and if you speak french and are interested in immigrating to the province of Quebec, you can apply through the Quebec immigration process. This page will contain articles suggestions on how to go  about immigrating to Canada. But before reading what we have to say, please
read the official website of Immigration Canada.

Visit Canada on a Visitor’s Visa

Even if you are not interested in living or working in Canada. You
may want to visit canada. What you need to get into Canada is a visitor’s
visa. For you to get a visa to Canada or any other country for that
matter, you need to show that you will return to your country of permanent
residence. Note that the keyword is show. Even if you plan to return
to your country, you have to show it, with documents.

On this page you will find articles and materials that will help you
in preparing your application for a temporary visa to Canada. The best
place to start from is the official website of Immigration

1 – Applying for a visitors visa to Canada – This articles (below) gives you tips on how to have an outstanding application.

2- How to write an invitation letter for Canadian Visa – This article contains an actual invitation letter sample.

2b- Another Sample invitation Letter for Canadian Visa

3. Sample Invitation letter written by a Conference Organiser

Applying for a Visitor’s Visa to Canada

Obtaining a visa to visit Canada can be a very difficult task in some countries. The rules keep changing from year to year in most countries especially in countries with high populations and many applicants. This section is targeted to applicants from developing countries where it is difficult to speak with the immigration officers and only a fraction of the applicants are successful in obtaining visas. I hope that this article will help you prepare an outstanding application package.

Before applying for a visa, you need to know the process in your particular country. The best way to know this is to go to the Canadian embassy or Consulate in your country.   Usually, you will be given some forms and told the procedure.  Once this is known, you must then gather documents to show that you have enough money to support yourself in Canada during your stay and that you will return to your country.  Since I am from Nigeria, I will use Nigeria as my point of reference for this article and I will expect that readers from other countries will simply adapt the suggestions to fit their particular situations.

General Information from the Immigration Website

Please read the information available on this web page for the Canadian high
Commision in Nigeria – Canada Immigration Website reagarding application for visitor visas. The information is for Nigeria. Applicants from other countries should find the specific information for their country from this link – Other countries.

The information on this site is very comprehensive. You can also download
the required forms and list of required documents. Remember that the most important thing is to be able to show with documents that you will return
to Canada.

Follow the Instructions Closely

Once you have read the instructions on the web page, print out at least 2 copies of the application forms (one copy is a draft copy). The final copy should not have mistakes on it. Fill out the forms and attach all the required documents. Some documents that may be helpful but not listed include: Letters from Organizations that you are tied to in your country in addition to the letter from your employer, Proof of relationship to the person you are visiting, one or two old photographs will do, don’t forget to
throwing in all documents that will show that you are not about to run away from your country, such as properties, birth certificates of your children if any and so on.

Be very Neat and Present a well Packed Application

Arrange your documents so that it is very easy to examine your file. Use blank sheets of paper to group your documents into various categories. Put all financial documents together and label the group as -proof of funds; group documents from your friend or relative in Canada together and label them appropriately. Make it as easy as possible for the immigration office to confirm that you have all the necessary documents. It is common knowledge that making things easy for the immigration office will make her favourably disposed to you and it will increase your chances of getting the visa. Remember that you will not be there to explain and locate each document, so make sure that it will be impossible for the officer to miss any of your documents.

Remember to get Canadian Documents

Do not forget to get the immigration status of your friend or relative in Canada, as well as the letter of invitation.

Review your file again

Let a friend or relative help to go over the application forms and your list of documents. I have noticed that a second pair of eyes always notice errors and omissions that one has overlooked.

Trust your God to favour you. Good luck.

The Canadian Immigration office in Nigeria is located
at 4 Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Click here to get full information.