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Every year hundreds of thousands of people desire to visit Canada, study in a Canadian School, Immigrate to Canada to work or live, Attend a conference or seminar in Canada or even do some business with Canadian companies. However every year, many thousands are refused entry to Canada, not because they are not qualified, but because they did not prepare properly before going to the Canadian embassy or consulate to apply for a visa.

This website attempts to be a free information center for smart people who desire to go to Canada. Everything on this site is free and it is only an information Site. I will not help you in your immigration application nor will I help you in your search for a school. The site is called a site for smart people for a reason. You have to be able to read and apply the information you get on this site to your own particular sitiuation. When I say smart, I do not mean educated. There are many graduates who are not smart and there are many people who never got beyond Secondary Schools who are very Smart. The bottom line is that you must be willing to do some work and gather the information you need so that your immigration to Canada or Visa application to Canada can be apporved.

If you are smart you would have realised that I am not an immigration officer and as such I cannot guarantee that you will be approved to immigrate to or visit Canada. I am just a regular guy who is tired of seeing many good applications refused because of simple mistakes. This site also has a forum where other people all over the world can give their advice on specific situations. Please note that any advice that is posted on this website must be followed at your own risk. That is why you must be smart enough to weigh the advice and compare with other information you have before you take action.

If you really want to travel to Canada, and you read the posts and articles on this website, you should be able to prepare a proper application and trust your God to see you through. Depending on supernatural intervention without adequate preparation is just the a waste of time.

The second motivation for creating this website is to encourage people who don't have money to pay lawyers to prepare their applications by themselves. YOU DONT NEED A LAWYER. You will only need a lawyer if you have a legal issue that you do not understand. When I wanted to file my immigration papers in 2000, I was asked to pay $4000 by a canadian lawyer. I laughed because i was wondering if the guy thought that I was foolish enough to give him $4000 so that he will fill out forms for me. If you have the money and no time to read the posts on this website, it is better to go through a lawyer. But if you are smart (you can read and write and think) then you would not need a lawyer. I filled my application myself and I got accepted without any issues. On this site I will share my experiece with you and other people will share their experiences. And hopefully those who have not made any mistakes will learn from our mistakes and prepare better.

I appeal to those who are reading this in Canada to please feel free to share their experiences with other people all over the world who want to enjoy what we are enjoying in canada. Please note that life in Canada is not as rosy as it has been painted to you. This is the third reason for this site. I hope to be able to present, with the help of others who will contribute the life of an immigrant in Canada.

Let us be honest and let us tell our brothers and sisters all over the world about how life is in Canada and the little things they can do to ensure that they get into Canada to make thier dreams come true.